Faces of Gastronomy

Who is the king of Kantstraße? Whose delicious dishes are radically regional? Introducing “Faces of Gastronomy“, a luscious 416-page exploration of culinary creatives who have shaped Berlin’s vibrant gastro scene. Avant-garde all the way or down-to-earth simplicity? Whatever tickles your tastebuds: you’re bound to enjoy this unusually personal deep-dive into the hearts, minds (and kitchens) of 23 pioneering tastemakers.

Publisher: Hinnerk Clausen, Melanie Greim, Robert Schlesinger

Ilona Scholl & Maximilian Strohe – tulus lotrek

The design: as uncompromising as the book’s protagonists

Room for rebels and visionaries: infused with plenty of personality, the design lets the protagonists shine – and highlights their edgy character with cheeky tweaks and in-your-face typography. An ultra-stylish visual feast and true delight for gourmets and design fans alike.

Billy Wagner & Micha Schäfer – Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Marie-Anne Wild – Restaurant Tim Raue

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