ANH Hausbesitz – Signage

ANH Hausbesitz
Smart Signage
The Terrace presents outstanding architecture in an uncompromisingly smart building over 7,800 square meters on the banks of the river Spree in Charlottenburg, Berlin. We were commissioned to develop a guidance system that links all the buildings on the campus. The result is an information system that enables a connection between the analogue and digital worlds and embodies the character of the architecture.
The underground parking garage connects the building directly with the neighbouring building and the central campus. The orientation through the guidance system is supported by an independent symbol family and continued in the exterior, as well as the neighbouring buildings.
The whole campus consists of four buildings with a total area of 24,000 square meters. The overarching guidance system provides information and acts as a unifying brand-building element beyond the architecture. Analogue and digital.
As a smart building, The Terrace has been able to achieve top scores in the SmartScore and WiredScore international certifications.
Doors, elevators and letterboxes in the building are contactless and intelligent. Lighting and climate controls in the rooms can be individually controlled with the ANDI smart office app. The user interfaces of the screens and the app designed by us function as intuitively as the building itself.
The signposts in the exterior space provide way-finding between the buildings. The materials used, in the style of urban traffic signs, support the industrial aesthetic of the architecture.
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