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Cornelsen Verlag
Better Learning and Teaching
Better learning and teaching: the Cornelsen Verlag is one of Germany’s best-known publishing houses for educational books. We design interdisciplinary product brands for Cornelsen whilst never losing sight of creating an attractive modern look that conveys this publishers’ unfailing expertise.

The real France of today: original, fresh, and modern – we designed the covers and inside pages of the series covering over 40 products.

We’re going into production: series of books’ concept
A common theme in design is making sure there is continuity when dealing with multiple editions. Especially within the teaching and study sector. That’s why we create a visual concept that can be used for several products and editions over a long period of time. Our most important creations are striking ideas, excellent illustrations, and a great sense for colour and typography.
Das Leben wurde 2020 mit dem BELMA Bronze-Award ausgezeichnet und steht auf der Lernplattform BlinkLearning zur Verfügung. Das Fotoshooting sowie die Gestaltung der Umschläge und der Innenseiten für das zukunftsweisende Lehrwerk mit mehr als 70 Produkten kommt alles aus unserer Hand.
Access, Lighthouse and Context all feature a fresh and tailor-made design. An image concept we developed based on adhering to strict guidelines for the photo shoots provides the needed backbone for this substantial series from the very first volume onwards.
The history textbook „Entdecken und verstehen“ (discover and understand) brings its motivational qualities in the form of large-format illustrations and a clear colour concept for all elements of the product. A new logo and a surprising choice of images inspire discovery and clearly support the subject, which imparts regional and also world history.
Easy English Upgrade - English for Adults. A thoroughly modern design for the cover and inside pages design has won over teachers and students alike. More than 25 products per level carry our design signature.

The Pflegias learning platform is a browser-based web application that combines all the subject knowledge of the new generalist nursing training. The logo and image concept for the cover, designed by , with consistently implemented shootings, gives the textbook series a strong corporate design and a special recognition value.

Pflegias was awarded the Comenius EduMedia seal for didactic and media quality. The Pflegias learning platform also received special recognition with the Comenius Medal

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